Propose Project 

 “Dubai Of The Caribbean”


Puerto Rico, the Bright Star of the Caribbean today shines more than ever with all the attractions it offers to international and local tourism, making the island one of the safest places to vacation in the world and the seventh preferred places to go to vacations in the world . With a summer climate, throughout the whole year. Which attracts more than million of tourists, through the fourteen cruise ships that arrive at the Old San Juan yearly and the millions of tourists who arrive at the largest international airport in the Caribbean, the San Juan. P.R. Airport. Being an American territory, Puerto Rican are American citizens and the Island is protected under the laws of the USA, which gives American travelers the advantage of not using passports went visit the island, as they do when visiting any other state of the American Nation, also the dollar is the Puerto Rico currency. One of the biggest attractions to all investor that want to do business in Puerto Rico , is that the government, offers many incentives to any company that wants to do business on the island, such as the payment of 4% taxes. 100% exemption from special municipal taxes on construction, 100% exemption from sales and use taxes, VISA EB-5 to those that invest five hundred thousand and many, many more incentive.  

We are currently inviting investors to join this propose project called Dubai of the Caribbean. With the objective of bringing to Puerto Rico the first Entertainment Park, composed of an impressive Aquarium like the Dubai, with a Marina where the Cruise Ships and small boats can arrive, with hotels, typical kiosk, casinos, parking lot, shops, etc. To brig to the Island other millions of tourist and that will generate billions in revenues like many Amusement Parks around the globe. 

The great Prime, Private Beach and the Land , which is the Property be to develop on this magnificent propose project, is compose of 824 acres, facing the Atlantic Ocean, with some of the only private beaches that are current in Puerto Rico, with Kings of Spain Wrights, which allows any company or inventor to develop any project , based on active laws in force in Puerto Rico, when Spain gave the land to the USA. { See Appraiser notes}. Located at ten minutes from the Puerto Rico international Airport. 

The owner of the property and the investor, International Investment LLC, is willing to receive proposals, from those investors, who wish to join or partnership in this great project and which is a great opportunity to develop other types of project too, which will lead to P.R. to greater place of economic growth and tourism, than it is now. 

It is our dream, to see the Shining Star of the Caribbean, Puerto Rico, shine more than ever, together with national and international partners, we will accomplish it.

We are very confident that we are going to achieve it and will be a pleasure to be able to contribute, to write the next victorious chapter, of the history of our beautiful, enchanted Island of Puerto Rico.

We are in the best disposition, to answer any questions or make a presentation of this propose project, to those investors that want to join or partnership the Dubai of The Caribbean dream project.

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Thank you for your interest in joining this great project, together we will achieve it.


Sincerely, Doris Rivera

Project Coordinator


Contact #: 818-482- 0634