The land is located at, “ Juan Perez” Parcel and consists of 

{Approximately 825 Acres} of vacant Prime Oceanfront Land,

located at State Road 187, between kilometer marker 10.3 and 12.3 

in the municipality of Loiza, Puerto Rico USA, territory.The property

features two kilometers of wide, white sandy beach along the Atlantic

Ocean andantique use rights which allow a wide variety of uses on the

land including tourism, recreational, mining and energy uses.

Located in a private beach and with right of Spanish Kings.



1. The Dubai of the Caribbean project is an ambitious project, which projects to bring a similar Amusement Park with an Aquarium with Hotel , Restaurants, Shops, a Marina for cruises and small embarkation, including others amenities, like the ones in Dubai to Puerto Rico.

2. The land consists of the sale of 824 Acres of land located in front of the private beach and which is vacant. It is in a geographically desired location, since it is located at ten minutes from the international airport of San Juan, Puerto Rico and to the hotel chains in the area of the capital, San Juan.

3. Also, is located in about fifteen minutes from the Old San Juan , where the fourteen Cruises arrive every month, bringing approximately 1.5 million of tourist a year, according to the figures of the tourism company of Puerto Rico. [Reported on December 2018]. The project is also located, at five minutes to the hotels chain in el Isla Verde area and ten minutes of el Condado area.

4. Note: The government tourist agency reported a profit of 90% even 100% of rooms sold during the spring season of 2019 and also in the Casino business reported millions of revenue in the Jackpot machine in 2018, from the local and international tourism.

5. One of the most important factor of this Prime Private Oceanfront Land is that is located in the area of more cultural traditions part of the island, and where more than ten thousand people enter every week { as per local police report}, especially on the weekends, to eat typical food at the kiosks.


What can be developed on the land.

1. The land is a unique piece of property due to the fact that poses Kings Right. Which permits to develop any kind of business, especially the ones related with the tourism.

2. An attraction, Puerto Rico’s first amusement Park. The Aquarium Dubai of the


3. A Gran Marina, where Cruise ships and small embarkation can arrive, bringing tourist to the Aquarium Amusement Park.

4. Hotel

5. Casinos

6. Parking

7. Restaurants

8. Kiosks

9. Golf course

Sellers Participation:

The 824 acres of Prime Ocean front land with the private beach, is available to develop any tourist development, with the great advantage that the seller is willing to partnership in a financial venture with the buyer {s}, developer {s} or investors. Or sell the property free and clear to an investors.

Seller also, he is willing an able to receive proposals from any interested parties that wants to take advantage of this great opportunity and to all of the wonderful incentive that the government of Puerto Rico is offering to all investors in the Island, which includes the United State , Visa EB-5 and all taxes incentive.

Contributions to government and to the local people of Puerto Rico, of the


1. New Development of new jobs in many areas of the project.

2. Increase the local and global tourism development in Puerto Rico which will benefits the local economy.

3. Will bring local and international investors, to invest in the project.

4. Bring a project to the town of Loiza, to incentive the local to people to renovate the Kiosk Area. Where the local people come to eat and dance every day specially

in the weekend. Like others town had done it already after the Huracan Maria.


Puerto Rico translates from Spanish as “Rich Port” and officially called the “Commonwealth of Puerto Rico” is a United States territory located in the Caribbean Sea.

As a protected U.S. Territory.

Data of the Property:

Land, "Juan Perez", located in the District of Monte Negro, of the

Jurisdiction of the Loiza composed of 826 Acres, locate in187 state

street, between kilometers -10.3 and 12.3.

The property belongs to two separate corporation, due to the

fact that Puerto Rico laws of do not allow a single corporation

to own more than 500 acres together. This property contains

a large deposit of sand known as "Islote de Juan Perez", and

contains over 1.1 million of cubic meters of usable sand.

Which can be extracted and sold separate or could be used

for the construction of the project. The Value of the sand is

estimate at $110 Millions of dollars. Due the change of build

codes by the government after the Huracan Maria in Puerto Rico,

the new homes has to be built in concrete, and therefore the

sand is in big demand at the present time.

According to the appraiser description of the sand, in 2007

appraisal, the sand is of very good quality of sand and has many

uses, including construction material and industrial uses. It is

described as {Holocene and Pleistocene} and predominantly

composed of fragments of snails sedimented by calcium carbonate,

which is a very strong material.

The property is free of debts, since it was an ancestral Spanish heritage

and one of the heirs is the current owner of the property.



Value of the property:  $ 500 Millions

Appraisal as of April 2003 and 2007 Real Property   $ 340 Millions 

Personal property {The Sand}  $110 Millions     

Total value of the Value  of the year 2007 $ 450 Millions